Hand Lettered Acrylic Signs + Tips to Make your Own

When we got engaged, I picked my colors and elements pretty quickly.  I always knew I wanted to use acrylic, but I was not sure exactly how.  I almost wrote it off because I thought it would be too much money and work, but then I found inexpensive acrylic sheets at Home Depot. So, I was able to get the acrylic look I wanted for the whole wedding for about $70.

I bought these sheets and my dad was able to cut them down if I needed with a table saw. After I had the sheets, I bought about 10 sharpie oil based paint pens and went to work.  For anyone that knows me, I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I re-did each sign like 5 times. During this trial and error period I learned a few things:

Tips and Tricks

  1. Hand lettering and Modern Calligraphy are amazing and I loved making these signs. Hire me 🙂
  2. But seriously– Use a chalk pen, like these ones, and a straight edge to draw your guidelines. This will ensure you write in a straight line and you can erase this at the end without ruining your writing or drawings.
  3. Write anything you want to stay in a sharpie oil-based paint pen. This will not come off after it has dried which makes it the perfect tool.  Nothing will smudge or come off unless you want it to, which makes traveling with them easy and worry-free.
  4. To remove any oil based paint pen, use nail polish remover. Grab a cotton swab or a Q-tip to fix any errors.
  5. It took at least two coats (with a brand new pen) for a completely opaque look on the thicker strokes. Wait for the first coat to completely dry before adding the next
  6. If you want to practice something, use the chalk pen first and then write over it in the sharpie.
  7. Have inspiration pictures close by– whether that is flowers, hand lettering examples, or anything else
  8. I also found they got dusty pretty easily (maybe it was just my three dogs running around them or  my old dusty house), so have a rag or towel ready to wipe them down one last time before displaying

Acrylic Sheet Signs

Like I said in this post, I will be waiting to show most of my projects until I get the professional pictures back, but here are just a few pictures I took prior to the wedding that I can show you now. When I get pictures back, you can see how they were used and displayed!

I will also add that in the very end I decided to have some of my signs leaning against a piece of natural wood (light colored natural wood was one of my main elements in the beginning and it somehow got pushed to the side when I changed to acrylic signs– so this way I could still incorporate it) and to guarantee that you could read the signs. So you will see both ways in the pictures below.

Another Acrylic Option

I bought these acrylic stands and was able to use them all over the venue and they were perfect. Good purchase and I highly recommend for table numbers or anywhere you want to add a little note.

Originally, they were going to be dipped in cement, but I ran out of time… story of my life 🙂

I would say my favorite acrylic sign project involved two hockey sticks, used as directional signs. Bobby had these custom, plain, wood sticks made for me so we would not have to have sticks with hockey brands and logos all over them. We cut two pieces of acrylic out and I attached them with string (like on the Thank You sign below). One said Ceremony and the other said Reception, and I just loved how they turned out.  Keep coming back for those professional photos and to see where we put them with the welcome sign!

Please send me pictures of any signs you guys have made with acrylic! I would love to see.

Just for fun, here is the only mirror sign that we used in the wedding. The tips are the same on this material, but it made my eyes hurt while writing on it, and was harder to take a picture of– just another reason to hire a professional on the big day haha




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  1. I really like the white acrylic against the see through glass. I’ve been thinking about making some new signs for a school project and i want to have something that really stands out. I might just take you up on your tip to use the glass against the wood.

    1. That would look great! I’m also loving the painted back on acrylic! Another great way for the writing to stand out! Good luck with the project 🙂

  2. Was this acrylic thick enough to stand on it’s own up if leaned against something? I.e. on the ground against a tree? Thanks!

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