Twenty Seven | Food + Climbing

I will start by saying that I did not want to turn 27. Leading up to this birthday, I was just like blah, 27 sucks. Then on the actual day I was all “its my birthday and I’ll do what I want to! HAHA This past Tuesday (6th) for my 27th Birthday, Bobby and I took the day off, because no one should work on their birthday and we hung out all day. I slept in, took my time getting ready, ate so much Sushi, had to go to the DMV (boring), and then ended the day with something new– rock climbing.


I only get Chicken Tempura because I do not actually like Sushi. Also PSA, for anyone who cannot deal with seaweed, ask for Soy Paper instead. It is life changing haha


For some random reason, I wanted to go climbing for this birthday so I checked for near by spots and Earth trek in Golden seemed perfect. I wanted to just climb without being attached to the ropes, etc. which worked out great because that is all we were able to do anyway (without taking trainings, etc) Also, I do not know ANY of the proper language for climbing, so bear with me.

When you walk in there are tons of walls that look like this (which we were only allowed to free climb up  to like 4 feet on)

Then the bouldering area, which was open to us. There was plenty of space but they were working on and redoing the holds on 1/4 of it.

I knew this would be hard, but it was REALLY hard. Both our hands hurt so bad after only 30 minutes and my lack of upper body and grip strength made most of this impossible. However, we both still had a lot of fun and would probably do it again!

Who else has done this? What did you think?

We had a family dinner that night with my favorite Pizza and Pineapple Upside Down Cake (recipe and tutorial later this week- so come back!) I think I was most excited for food the whole day– which is how it should be on your birthday!


What about this...

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