Mini Hike to St. Mary’s Glacier

I have always liked wandering around and seeing new things, but never had the urge to wake up early and drive into the mountains. Until recently. I just want to go EVERYWHERE. I figured it was crazy not to take advantage of all the cool places, so close to our house. Plus, I think Bobby and I both thought we were wasting weekends not doing anything but lounge around the house. We decided to start taking mini trips and this past weekend we went to St. Mary’s Glacier.

Some weekends around here are crazy, and the house is covered in candy melt and sprinkles.  I love the business and am enjoying all the custom orders, but it is nice when we have a free weekend. So whenever there is time, we are trying to get away. We would love recommendations! Next up is the Sand Dunes.  Any tips about visiting would be helpful because I have not been since I was a kid.

I wanted to share our mini hike from this past weekend because it was beautiful, not far, and a fast hike. It was also dog friendly, and this trip it was Quey’s turn to go. (Three dogs are hard to handle and we need to train them better before we can take them all, anywhere).


We arrived to the parking lot around 8, and it was empty (I am sure it is not as quiet on a Saturday morning). We got back down to our car around 11 and it was full, so if you are going, go early to beat the crowds. Trails were not crowded and we were able to enjoy the water and the snow without feeling like we were in anyones way, etc. This was such a nice change, since I feel like everywhere we go now is completely packed and overcrowded.

We both would recommend this hike, and will probably go again! This was Quey’s first real hike too, and she had so much fun and it was so cute watching her jump on the logs and rocks, while looking back at us making sure we were close by.  Who else has been up here? Are there any “secret” spots we should go to next time?


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