How to Make Marble Cake Pops

I had a “tie dye” cake pop order a few weeks ago and am obsessed with how they turned out! I used a marbling technique to create a similar effect to tie dye.  It is not often that I get a request that does not require me to be “perfect” and exact, which made these that much more fun to make.  These were quick, easy to make, and they all turned out different and so cute.


You will need all the candy melt melted, and in separate containers. I recommend sticking to only a few colors, so the final result does not turn into a brown mess. Each color should have their own fork/spoon or whatever you use to mix the candy melt.img_7862Have a paper plate or something that is easy to clean or throw away for the excess candy melt ready.

Dip the cake pop in your base color–I used white–and do not shake off any excess. You will need the extra for the other colors to blend with and create the marble effect.

Over the plate, add a little of each color, while slowly spinning the cake pop.img_7865Once you have all the colors added, start tapping off the extra candy melt.  I use a knife.  To create the marble effect, you have to spin the cake pop while tapping the excess off. Just play with it! There is no right or wrong look. img_7875



img_7885I can usually pick a favorite cake pop from my orders… one always looks better than the rest haha.  I couldn’t do that with this order because they were all so different, in a good way!

The customer used these as the “O” for Mom.  She created two adorable, Tie Dye “M” cakes for either side and it was just perfect.


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