Sugar Cookie and Buttercream Icing | Testing out Jenny Cookies Recipes

Sugar cookies are hit or miss for me.  I usually only want to eat the dough and not even bother with baking them + then store-bought sugar cookies are either too hard which I hate or the soft ones have too much icing.  I was on the hunt to find the perfect flat, soft sugar cookie dough recipe. A few attempts and recipes later, I was left unimpressed, but then saw that Jenny from Jenny’s Cookies was sharing her Sugar Cookie recipe. Her cookies are famous, so I figured they had to be good, right? Yes, yes they are!

Royal icing is pretty, but hard to work with sometimes so this buttercream was a great alternative + I would definitely use it again! Probably will test it out with my Mom’s sugar cookie recipe (the softest, fluffiest sugar cookies). In my head I felt like that recipe was too fluffy for this kind of icing but now I think I might just be crazy… I mean how can it be toooo fluffy for icing?!?

Jenny’s Cookie and Buttercream Recipe can be found here.

While baking them I found that I had to cook mine a few minutes less she lists. You will see below that some are a little more golden brown around the edges. If you like the crunch, ignore me 🙂 When piping on the icing, I decided to copy her style, just for fun!

Testing out Jenny’s Cookie Sugar Cookie Recipes

This recipe is simple and quick to make and the dough did not need to be refrigerated for too long which is great if you are short on time. Everyone around here liked them and I cannot wait to make more with other cookie cutters. These were supposed to be little reindeer (but then I realized the cookie cutter had no antlers- so they are just deer with red noses) for Christmas.

What do you think about the buttercream instead of royal icing?!?

My Mom and I will still make our usual Christmas cookies later this week. I want to know what are your go to Christmas cookie recipes?! We make snickerdoodles every year and I shared our amazing recipe last year! Go check it out, you will not be disappointed!


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