11 Fitness Tips and Must Haves that will Help you Stick to your 2018 Resolution

Do you have any fitness related resolutions this year? Want to eat cleaner? Lose a few pounds? I decided to make a list of Fitness must haves and tips to keep you motivated to stick to your 2018 resolutions and goals!

Sitting at a desk everyday for work is SO boring and it takes a toll on my body. I try to get to the gym everyday, even if it is just to walk and get some steps in. These are just some of the things I have found helpful!

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Tips for Staying Motivated

  • Follow Fitness Bloggers/Instagrammers for inspiration! Seeing new recipes, workouts, clothes always gets me excited for the gym! Some of my favorites are Katy Hearn, Robin Gallant, Emily Duncan, Amanda Bucci, and Nikki Blackletter, just to name a few.
  • Take progress Pictures. I know this may seem scary at first, but save them and take new ones weekly to see progress. I do not recommend even using a scale! Feeling better in your clothes is better then seeing the number go down on a scale! (because that is what really matters) So, do not get obsessed with that number, and remember muscle weighs more than fat!
  • Treat yourself! Buy yourself some nice workout clothes/shoes if you need a little push. Feeling cute always helps!

Diet and Supplements

  • Have a sweet tooth? I love protein bars/cookies. Vitamin shoppe and GNC have so many options. The flavors are almost limitless and they are perfect when you have a craving for sweets.
  • Diets. I am not a fan of diets because they typically provide only short term results. Try If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM).  It was the best lifestyle change I had ever made when it came to food. There were always quick results and enjoyed the process. Check out more about IIFYM here or search it on google.
  • Have a Cheat meal! (sometimes a cheat day is necessary too)
  • Pre-workout might be your best friend on days you are dragging. There are so many brands and flavors out there, so check out a few to find your fav! I like Amino Energy, and C4 (fruit punch)

Try New Things!

  • Mix it Up- Take different classes at your gym! Check out different workout plans online. Rotating through exercises to keep your body guessing is always great. Also, ADD in weight training! Do not be afraid to get in the weight room. Cardio will not get you the toned body you are probably looking for.
  • Have a great workout playlist. Music (or podcasts too) can make or break a day at the gym. I use spotify so I have a large selection to choose from depending on my mood for the day.
  • Pick a gym buddy or join a group on Facebook to keep you motivated!
  • Lastly, a fitbit or apple watch really helps during a workout! Seeing the calories or steps add up is a great motivator to push yourself harder. Check out our Apple Watch (and why you should get one) post here.

Here are a few more must have items:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Click the links above to be taken directly to some of my Fitness Favs!

1-3. To make at home work outs more fun grab these cute, colorful bands and weights at your local Target.

4. I know I am always more excited to workout when I have new, cute gym clothes! A comfortable shirt will always makes for a great gym session! Plus, anything HP themed is amazing.

5. To keep your diet on track, grab a food scale. This one is great because it is easy to read and clean! It is also large enough to put large plates on, which makes meal prep simple!

6. High Waisted Leggings. I do not need to say anything more. MUST HAVE

7. A fun shaker bottle will also help get you through your workout! I love these food pun bottles.

Tell us, what is your fitness resolution and what helps you stay motivated– leave more ideas in the comments below for everyone to see and use!

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  1. Very on board with the “try new things” tip! Anytime I feel stagnated in my workouts it’s usually because I’ve become complacent with the same old routine. That’s when I try to find a new class, visit a new studio, or just shake up my regular workouts! Great, motivating thoughts here 🙂

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