DIY Potato Stamp Tutorial [Valentine’s Day Edition]

For Christmas, I had planned to go full DIY and make my own cute, festive wrapping paper with a seriously genius idea I had seen on Pinterest a couple of times – using a potato to create your own stamp! Well, life got busy, time flew by, and needless to say I failed to make the cute, festive wrapping paper I had designed in my head.

So here we are, almost Valentine’s Day, and I thought what better time to try out my potato stamp. Now, I’m not typically one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, let alone decorate for it. But new year, new me right? Besides, I figured I could use some extra love and fun in my life right about now.

I decided to use some supplies I had lying around the house to make myself this simple, festive Valentine’s Day sign.

For my sign, I used:

  • 1 wood plaque [approx. 10”x10”]

  • White Home Décor Chalk Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • 1 Potato

  • A knife

  • Red craft paint

  • L O V E – since you can’t make Valentine’s Day décor without a little love

Step 1 –

Paint the plaque white. I chose to not paint the entire thing and left it a little rustic looking with a “rough coverage” kind of technique.

Step 2 –

Time to make your stamp design in the potato. I chose to make mine a simple heart. I started by cutting the potato through the thickest part so I could be sure to make my heart as big as possible.

We had sweet potatoes and red potatoes at the house, and the sweet potatoes we had were probably the skinniest ones I’ve ever seen. So I went with a large red potato.

I used the tip of my knife to draw out my heart on the face of the potato. Then, in sections, I trimmed away the excess potato around my heart.

Step 3 –

Making the stamp allowed my white chalk paint to dry. So by the time I finished my stamp, the sign was ready for me to put my new stamp to use.

I practiced using my new stamp on some paper first so I could see how it would come out and adjust how much, or what areas needed more paint before I went straight to the sign.

Once I was comfortable with my stamping abilities, I switched over to the sign. I love simple design elements, so I opted for three rows of three hearts each.

I am in love with how unique and imperfect each heart turned out!

Step 4 – [Optional]

I chose to take it a step further and frame out my sign. Come back next week for the tutorial for that portion!

Step 5 – [Optional]

I chose not to, but you could easily write something across this sign. I almost wrote “Love” on it in gold paint all cursive-y and romantic looking, but decided against it for simplicity sake.

Are you the Valentine’s Day decorating type? Or are you like me and don’t necessarily even celebrate that day? [ps. I swear I’m not bitter! I just believe in celebrating love and cherishing your partner everyday, not just once a year]

Don’t forget to pin this! 

Remember to come back next week to find out how I framed out my new sign!


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