DIY letter board + a quick wedding update

I have been seeing letter boards all over Instagram lately and fell in love with them. I also fell in love with the sarcastic or whitty sayings posted on most (so fun), but I just could not justify spending over $100 for one, or even $50 for a small one. I will give credit to the sites that sell them– looks like great quality, however they are limited in color and frames and many were sold out because of the holidays. So, after looking at them awhile, I decided they didn’t look that hard to make! I searched the internet and got inspiration from this DIY and got to work one afternoon making my own DIY letter board!

This project took about 4 hours because the dowels I bought did not fit the frame, so it required more time to cut each one. So average, I would say a 11×14 sized frame could take 2-3 hours if you buy the proper dowels or have a faster tool to cut them. We only had a hacksaw. I also only spent $27 on this 11×14 sized letter board. If bought somewhere else, that size is easily $75-$100.

  • Frame- $12.99
  • Dowels- 3- 15 pc. packs= $2.99 each from Michaels (use a coupon to get them even cheaper)
  • Felt- $4.99 (and I have so much extra if I want to make another)
  • I had everything else needed

**letter board letters not included in cost

You will Need:
  • Frame of your choice (mine is from Target)– take out the glass and just keep the backing
  • 3/16″ dowels the length of the opening- I used 45 dowels (this was the smallest I could find at Michaels)
  • Saw to cut the dowels if they are too big
  • Clamp (if you need to cut them)
  • Glue gun
  • Felt- whatever color you want
  • Sharpie
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Letters [Note- Make sure you choose letters that will fit your board.  Every three dowels was 1″ for me, so I chose 1″ letters.  Keep your dowels tight so the letters do not fall out when you put them in! After you glue 4-5 in, make sure your letters will stay and adjust if you need]
  1. I could not find any dowels the exact length of my 10.5″ frame insert, so I had to first cut each dowel to fit. Measure the inside of your frame and see what length you need. 
  2.  After marking each dowel, I cut them using my clamp and hand saw.
  3. Now cut your felt to wrap each dowel. Mine needed to be 10.5″ long and 1″ wide. 
  4. Hot Glue each dowel and wrap in felt strip. A little trick I found was to barely stretch each piece of felt so they were a little longer then dowel. This avoided any wood showing at the edges of the frame. It also does not matter that the backs looked like, as long as the top of the dowel was pretty. See second pictures below.  Check out that pretty plastic bag background 🙂

    5.  You can hot glue into the frame as you go, or wait until you know you have enough and then hot glue them all. I waited to make sure they all fit nicely. 
    You are done! Display wherever you want and throw on a cute little saying or countdown!

I decided to use mine as a wedding countdown at the moment!  We are exactly four months out today and I am not panicking at all…. (haha, joke) I made this last night, so I used the 121 days that my App said without thinking. Oops. YAY now 120 days. haha

Below is my finished product and a *few* of my wedding decorations just for fun! Behind me in this picture is a room full of crap that I do not want to share yet 🙂 We are at the point, where vendors are all booked and we are just down to decor and DIY projects.

Anyone else obsessed with letter boards at the moment? How does the gray work for you?

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