DIY Fishing Lure Display

I am the proud owner of an overwhelming amount of old fishing gear; boxes of lures, line, and bait and more rods and reels then I ever knew he owned. A lot of the lures have rusted or bent and are far past their prime. But I can’t just get rid of them. I don’t know if it’s because I think maybe, just maybe I’ll need something in there someday, or just the fact that it all belonged to my dad and there aren’t many things I have left that belonged to him. Either way, I’ve kept every little thing.

I wanted to find a way I could “use” the lures, even if I wasn’t actually going to use them to fish. So, as usual, I took to Pinterest to find some ideas! There were so many cute ways people have displayed their antique and vintage lures. These are a few of my favorites; I love a good wooden display. That raw, wood texture is my favorite!

While walking around Hobby Lobby one day, browsing the picture frame aisles like I may be know to do, I ran across this neat rough, wood frame and loved it. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it for my lure project, but I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. (BTW- before I get in trouble for spending $25 on a frame 😉 it was 50% off AND I still had a gift card to use! )

After playing around with a couple ideas for my backdrop, I decided on this laminated burlap that I was just going to be able to hook my lures on to. I picked out the lures I wanted to display and cleaned them up real good with some wet wipes. Or at least as good as I could get after sitting in the tackle box for 20 years.

I wrapped the burlap on the sheet of glass that the frame came with. Trimmed it down to size and put it back into the frame. Seriously the easiest craft I think I’ve ever done.

And you see those lures with the heart-shaped bill? My guide told me those are called Hell Benders. That’s why I keep him around; mostly just for the fishing knowledge 😉

Literally all I had left to do was set the hook (see what I did there) and find the perfect place for my new display!

And there you have it! A quick DIY Fishing Lure Display that means oh so much to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to find such a fun, rustic way to display my dad’s old lures.

B said besides the present I just made him for his birthday, this is his favorite thing I’ve made 🙂

PS. If you are looking for a new read, this may be it.

Present Over Perfect was the right bit of humble, honest, faithful, soulful, and simple. It’s not a difficult read by any means, but my goodness was it the perfect read for this season of my life.

What is your latest craft?! Spring has me feeling all sorts of crafty and I can’t wait to cross more off my list 🙂


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  1. Loved your fishing lure display. We know your dad would love it too, and you have two more tackle boxes full of lures and stuff coming your way this summer.

    Love Grandma and Grandpa Davis

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