Best Day of 2017 | Wedding Detail Round Up

A great way to end any year is to look back on all the memories you have made– and 2017 was pretty great for me! Celebrations and lots of family time started the year off, and Bobby and I were able to share our wedding day with everyone we loved. (Search Wedding Series on the blog for a look back on my planning process) Below is FINALLY a full round up of wedding crafts and details from my Best Day of 2017.

I constantly talk about my love for cement, natural wood, and white all the time on here, and you will see those colors and textures throughout our wedding in the pictures below + dusty blue and lavender/lilac. As well as SO MANY FLOWERS (my favorite).

Putting together our wedding scheme and colors was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. Through out our decor I tried to keep everything connected for a cohesive look, and was obsessed with how everything turned out! I have a few DIY’s below, so let me know if you want a more detailed tutorial on anything below!

Ceremony and Courtyard Decor

Flowers, flowers, everywhere you look. That was my goal. Our florist was amazing (Ivy Lane Floral Design) and made so many arrangements for me, and we supplied the lavender bundles, lilac, and lavender wreath because it was cheaper for me to make those things.  Check out my tips for hand lettered signs, like pictured below here.

Our Guest book was in the courtyard so guests could sign it during cocktail hours. Using a heart baking mold, I made these thin cement hearts over a few weeks and hot glued them to a piece of natural wood. We finished it off the table with a cement pen holder, a license plate (explained below), some lavender, and a few other accents. I wanted a unique “guest book” and am still in love with this!

We changed the guest book table into a guest favor table towards the end of the night. See more on the dog treat favors here and the DIY scrub here. I wanted favors that incorporated our wedding theme, so it would be a good reminder of the day, without being too girly.  So the dog treats were a great addition, plus we got to include our puppies this way.

Drink Stations

We were unsure how warm it would be in early May, at an outside wedding. I wanted to have a water station in case it was really hot out. This way our guests would not die of heat while waiting for the ceremony to start. It was also a great opportunity to add a few personal touches to the back of the grassy area.

The venue provided the wine barrels, and we brought almost everything else (even the lilac). Bobby found me an old door to use as the table top and cleaned it up. Some colored straws, personalized napkins, and a hand lettered sign added some pops of color to the top. Our caterer, Biscuits and Berries (highly recommend)  supplied the water and the water dispensers. I wrote our program on the mirror to save on paper and money and added some lilac from our backyard into the tin.

This was also a great place for us to display pictures of loved ones who had passed. We both wanted to include them and used this old window pane to match the door table top above (from World Market).

After the ceremony, our awesome coordinator (Purple Summer Events) moved it all inside so we were able to keep using it through the night, making it easy for guests who did not want to wait in the bar line for water.

Incorporating Bobby’s Favorite Things

Bobby loves cars, hockey, and me… haha. I knew I wanted to include things he loved in the decor too and found a few ways to do that. They ended up being some of my favorite crafts!

Bobby had custom sticks made because we could not find plain, natural wood sticks anywhere. The company he worked with loved the idea so much, they gave them to us for FREE! I used dusty blue string and acrylic signs to add labels to the blade of the sticks. That way I could reuse the sticks as decor in our house without having reception and ceremony permanently on the sticks. Bobby has a heavily modified Jetta that he got when were Seniors in high school. I was able to watch him build this car into something we both enjoy! One small piece of the car (and other European cars) is the longer license plates. I had two custom made (one with the wedding date and the other with Willey) that we used as decor in a few places and I can also reuse them in the house! A lot of our decor was bought so I could use it again, which made spending money on them a little easier.

You can see below (and in a few other pictures below) the cement letters.  Using cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, cut off one side with an exact-o knife and pour in cement. Work quickly so none hardens before you have a chance to flatten it out. Let harden and then you have your own CHEAP cement letters. 

Buffet Decor

Another Hockey themed piece of decor were these white pucks. Bobby cut slits in them so I could use them as label holders for our guest favor table, dessert table, and buffet.

The rest of our buffet was so pretty, here are some more pictures. Again, Biscuits and Berries were AMAZING! They brought everything, and it fit perfectly with the decor. They definitely listened to my vision and I was so so happy with the results. Plus the food was perfect!

Dessert Table

Dessert tables are the best–lots of yummy options! My vision for this table was different but when everything came together things had to change and I had to roll with it. The flower swag was MUCH smaller then I envisioned so it did not fill out the top of the wood like I had hoped (I was trying to hide the TV behind the table). The cake cardboard underneath the cake was way bigger then the stand I had bought (totally my fault) and my “Give me some Sugar” sign was the last one I had made and I WAS SO OVER IT at that point. It could have looked way better.

Anyway, there was still pretty goodies on top which is all that really mattered! Cake from The Makery and cookies from Eileen’s Colossal Cookies.

Reception and Tables

Everyone knows how expensive weddings can be! Farm tables were a must for me, but we could not afford them for all the tables for the reception. So, we used them for the bridal party and I went all out on them! To make this table a little more “special”, we rented blue goblets, we used different patterned napkins, I added greenery in wooden trays, cement vases, candles, blue runner, and a few more cement letters. Tables from Yonder House and Place Settings from Event Rents.

Another favorite was the scavenger hunt cards I made for each place setting. We shared our hashtag on this so everyone know what it was and gave us more pictures to look at the next day! The little DIY cement hearts were a perfect little detail that I was obsessed with!

At the round tables, we used plain blue napkins, cement candle holders, and lavender filled candle holders, and flowers in glass vases.

These chairs (also from Yonder House) were also used at just the farm tables and sweet heart table. I made the Mr and Mrs signs using floral wreaths from World Market and the Mr and Mrs from the Target dollar section! So easy.

Escort Card Display

Watercolored Escort cards were an easy and quick DIY, plus they added a great pop of color. Using a cheap watercolor kit from Michaels, I painted about 10 full sheets and then cut them out into hexagons. After I hand lettered the names on each one, we attached them to string using small clothes pins. The room divider is from World Market.

Easy Bridal Gifts

I rounded up a ton of champagne, rose’ and wine themed gifts and put them all in these simple $1 bags. They included DIY hangers for dress pictures too! The hangers were from Target and I wrote on them with a white sharpie paint pen. I tried to make them match my Bridesmaid boxes, but I could not find anything that matched, so I just went a different direction.

DIY Dip Dyed Photo Booth Backdrop

Kate and I made this back drop using a king size sheet, Rit dye in Demin, a big tub, PVC pipe, and fabric velcro. After we dyed the sheet, I wrapped the top around the pipe and used the velcro to easily attach the two. Once at the venue, all the coordinators had to do was lay it over the wall. EASY! Let me know if you want a more detailed tutorial!

Even 6 months later, I still constantly think about this day.

All Photos by Tina Joiner Photography

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