Apple Watch Series 2 Review [And Why It Should Be Number One On Your Wish List]

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I struggled a lot in college trying to adjust from playing sports every day after school to strictly going to class and then having all this free time to do whatever I wanted. And let me just say, rarely did I choose to work out on my own. I didn’t balance academics and social life and my health well through my first couple years of college.

With the combination of ending a long term relationship, transferring schools, and moving to Fort Collins, I felt like it was time to make a change with my health. I was in such a great place in every other aspect of my life that I was able to put a lot of my attention back on ME and MY health and happiness.

That’s when I started to make gym time a regular thing again. I started playing in women’s lacrosse leagues, making gym “dates” with Court, and actually running… for fun. What?!

I started to put a lot of energy back into my health and fitness and started following fitness and exercise accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and learning and figuring out what was working for other women and their fitness journeys.

I’ll be putting together a post of my favorite fitness accounts to follow soon!

Everyone and their mother on Instagram uses some sort of tracking device while they work out; whether it’s a heart rate monitor, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc. So that was a cool way for me to get honest reviews of different products and find out why they loved (insert fitness tracker brand here) and why they would recommend it to someone.

So a while back I decided I would invest in a fitness tracker and set out to research which was the best product for me and my fitness journey.

You might remember me talking in a previous post (which you can find here) about the two products I narrowed my search down to: the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Fitbit Blaze

After LOTS of research and going back and forth and talking to (literally) everyone I came in contact with who had either of those trackers, I decided on the best one for me!


The Apple Watch Series 2!!!


Why I chose the Apple Watch

  • Workout tracking abilities: total calories burned, heart rate, daily step tracker, ability to choose your workout on the watch, set goals, visualization of those goals right on your wrist, friends progress, elevation change, distance, average pace… the capabilities are numerous.
  • Not only is it great for fitness, but also everyday while I’m working as well. I need to have my phone on me at all times at work in case any of the guys need to get ahold of me for anything. So even if I leave my phone at my desk while I run to a different department or am just on the other side of the studio working, my watch allows me to get notifications of any calls or text so I’m sure to never miss anything, even if I’m not next to my phone. Which I LOVE!

My Favorite Things about the Apple Watch

  • I am a SUPER visual person, so being able to look down at my watch while I run and see that I’ve ran 1.2 miles and my pace is 10 minutes per mile and I’ve burned 117 calories so far is super neat. Having that info right there makes me work harder to push myself to beat my time from the mile before, or hit a specific calories burned goal.
  • My favorite part so far is the map it gives you of your run after you complete an outdoor run. Not only does it map your route, but it shows colors along your route depending on how fast you were going. Or in my case, how slow you were going haha! So for my last 5k, there are three red dots on my route from where I stopped to get a sip of water, or yellow where I slowed down going up a hill, or running through a corn field trying to dodge holes in the ground (not even exaggerating!).



Before you judge my SUPER slow run, I’d like to admit that I spent all day out on the boat not drinking nearly enough water and definitely did not eat enough to get me through a 5k run in the afternoon in the hottest part of the day. And I mean, it was a “Wine Run” so people were really only there for the free glass of wine at the finish line. So not my best race ever, but also not my worst. So be easy on my slow pace 🙂 I’m just happy I did it! I mean, just look at how excited Char and I look in our picture before the race. AND I was even smiling for my mid-race selfie; which ps. it’s not easy to take a selfie mid-race.

And I haven’t even told you my favorite part about getting my Apple Watch! Mine ended up being gifted to me by B for reaching a big personal goal. So that just makes me so much more appreciative! And I feel so much better about the product I chose because of how much time I put into researching the best product for me, so I had no doubt in my mind which product was right for me when B asked me which one I chose.

And I seriously feel like James Bond when I use the watch to answer my phone calls. Am I the only one?! I never know how close I need to hold the watch to my face when I’m speaking into it… 🙂

Do you like to research a big purchase before you invest that kind of money on something? There is no way I could have just went out and bought something without doing a little research first. If I am going to spend that much money on something, I better make darn sure I’m going to use it and enjoy it!

Does anyone else have an Apple Watch? Let’s be friends! 🙂






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  1. Wow, that’s a great exercise tracker. All I have is a pedometer and all it does is track my steps and I can’t run any more because of my bad old lady knee. I have lost 5 lbs by walking about 3miles a day most days and giving up wine. (empty calories)

    Love your blogs . I really look forward to them.

    Love grandma Davis

  2. I had no idea a watch could do all of that! You make it enticing by explaining how convenient it makes everything. By the way, I would be happy to even run a 5K. I wasn’t thinking you were slow at all! Good for you for taking charge of your health and happiness!!

  3. I am a fan of fitness trackers! I currently have the fitbit alta – but it definitely doesn’t do nearly as much as your Apple watch does! The map feature alone is worth it! I will confess that running isn’t my favorite exercise activity (I’m much more into group workout clases) but I’ll definitely think of this once I’m ready to retire my fitbit!

    1. I was a Fitbit girl before, but honestly don’t see myself ever going back. I love my Apple Watch 🙂

  4. I have not hopped on the fitness tracker bandwagon yet, but the Apple Watch does look pretty awesome! My husband definitely loves his and it does encourage him to move around more to meet his daily goals. I might have to make the plunge!

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