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– Courtney –

Courtney & katie-1COURT MAIN

I am a 26 year old from Denver, CO who loves to spend her free time playing with her puppies, baking (I am the sugar, in sugar + sass+ sawdust), working out, and being a Wife!

I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Colorado with a degree in Human Services: Addiction Counseling Concentration in 2013.  After a few internships, and about a year in the field I was given the opportunity to transfer to Billing and Claims within the same company.  I took the job, so I could have weekends off and I feel it is a much better fit, but with such a detail oriented, sometimes tedious job… this blog is the perfect creative outlet and getting to share it with one of my oldest friends is even better.

Before starting this blog with Kate, I used to share all my projects and cake pops.  Please feel free to browse through that website for all the pictures of my past cake pop orders.

I am married to my High School Sweetheart. His name is Bobby and we met at a Halloween Party our senior year.  Funny thing was… we did not say one word to each other that night. We exchanged numbers on Myspace a few weeks later, and the rest is history. I even had to mention that in my vows because I just can’t let him live that down.

We bought our first house in Littleton, CO in September of 2014.  We are slowly making it our own.  We added Bora into our family in October 2014, and we adopted Das in October 2015, and Quey in October 2016.  We have a joke, that we just keep adding to our family every October.  I know I am biased, but they are the best dogs ever 🙂

I cannot wait to share my life, house + DIY projects, and treats with you!

Bobby & Courtney next to water stream with dogs -1


– Kaitlyn –

Courtney & katie-11

I’m a 24-year-old recent grad, and long time resident of beautiful Colorado. You can usually find me outside fishing, playing fetch with my black lab, or working out in the yard. I’d like to say I’m just the Sawdust part of our name, but anyone who knows me would say I am also a large contributor to the Sass part as well 🙂 I have always enjoyed a good DIY project, traveling around this beautiful world, and being able to share my passions with others!

I am currently working for a fantastic landscape company in Denver. I am super excited to continue to learn and grow in the landscape industry! I was able to do my internship with them last summer and absolutely fell in love with the company & the people who work there.

But as much as I love my job and this beautiful state of Colorado, I’ve been thinking it’s about time I saw a bit more of what this wonderful country has to offer. This summer I plan on taking some long weekend trips to different places to help me figure out what my next step is! So if you absolutely love where you live or have a dream place you’ve always wanted to live, feel free to let me know. I’d love to check it out!

For a while now I’ve wanted some place I could document all of the fun DIY and crafty projects I do, and after talking to a family member who also blogs (Sandy at A Dash of Sanity. Check it out, she’s amazing!) I decided a blog was a perfect place for me to use as a creative outlet for my projects, travel, and life! And the fact that I can do it with my best friend is definitely a bonus. I also liked that, even if I move out of Colorado, this blog is something Courtney and I would still be able to do together!

Absolutely thrilled to be able to share my passions, life, and experiences with you all!






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  1. Grandpa and I loved your blog and look forward to seeing and reading more of your exciting lives.

    Katy your fish pictures were great, Grandpa would have loved to have been fishing with you.

    We will be visiting in Colorado next July and will certainly order some cake pops. They really look yummy, almost to cute to eat.

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