2 Planners to Get You Ready For the New Year

My organization-loving heart loves when a new year rolls around. Because for me, this means I get to buy a new planner! Ok, I know most people don’t get excited about things like that – but if you’re a planning, list-loving, old school, handwritten planner kinda person like me, you’ll appreciate this post.

About a month ago, my cousin’s wife told me she ordered a new Commit 30 planner for the new year and they accidentally sent her two and I was the first person she thought of when trying to figure out what to do with the extra. Heck yes! Thanks Kels! Of course I said I would take it. I’m ready for ya, 2018!

Can I just say how amazing this thing is? Commit 30 planners focus on goals; short-term goals you can set for each month and long term goals for the year. Each month has a page where you can write out your goals, the steps you’re going to take to achieve them, and a space at the bottom to reflect on that month’s goals at the end of the month. My favorite part is the “Commit 30” page. It allows you to pick an item/goal to commit to for 30 days and has 30 bubbles numbered out that you can check off when you commit to that goal each day. And then at the end, you can set a reward for committing to your goal for 30 days.

Commit 30 is having a holiday sale on all of their 2018 planners – so hurry before it ends! Seriously – click this link to be taken directly to their site!

I am absolutely a visual person, so this is perfect for me! The Commit 30 planners can be as simple or as decorated and in depth as you want them to be. I went on Amazon and found this Create 365 Sticker Pack that I can not wait to use to fill up the pages of my planner. And wondering the Target isles like I may or may not be known to do, I found these cute little paperclip fringe guys that I will use to save certain pages. Because who couldn’t use a little fringe?

The second planner I want to tell you about is seriously the cutest, just like the person who gave it to me 🙂 My momma got me this planner to help me keep my new business – Grit + Grain – organized! She knows how busy this new venture has kept me the last couple months, and she knows just how much I love to plan and keep things in order! She got me one of the Erin Condren Life Planners.

She was telling me all about how this company was featured on Good Morning America one morning and they had a special going for the holidays! So she purchased one immediately. Thank you Good Morning America 🙂 The Life Planner brand has dozens of planner designs to choose from. It’s a good thing mine was a gift, otherwise it probably would have taken me days to pick out a design!

And look, she even got it customized for me! I am so excited to see what Grit + Grain can do in the new year, and this new planner is the first step in getting this business where I want it to go! Not only did she get me the customized planner, but she hooked me up with ALL of the fun goodies to really personalize it. Complete with stickers, pencils, and colorful bands to save certain pages. I am in love! Can’t wait to fill this baby with all of my goals for 2018!

They have planners for teachers, wedding planners, hard cover planners, mini planners.. basically a planner for everyone! And don’t get me started on all of the adorable accessories they offer. Seriously, so cute.

Check out all of these colorful, fun goodies I get to fill my planner with! Does any one else get this excited about planning and organizing? What planners are you using for the new year?


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